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No pride to feel, no waiting country. No parades to line your way .

Hey all,

So I know it's been more than two months since this community last saw a post. I can't speak for the other makers, but I wanted to explain why I, personally have been gone so long. Ultimately, it all comes down to Photobucket, which I had been using for years without issue to host my images. Then, several months ago, they changed their layout and got rid of infinite scrolling in the process. Now, if you have more than 1,200 images uploaded, and you don't always use them in the order they were uploaded, manually clicking though fifty-plus pages is incredibly inefficient, tedious, and time consuming. I tried other sites like imgur for a while, but apparently imgur will eventually delete my pictures. So I stopped. Without somewhere to host my images, I had no motivation to make new ones.

And then I had an idea: LiveJournal! Even with over 1000 images uploaded to Photobucket, I was supposedly still using a grand total of 0% of my 2G storage limit. My plus account here on LJ comes with 1G of Scrapbook storage, and a paid account will give me 2G if I ever need it, so space doesn't look like an issue.. If I upload icons in batches instead of all at once, I shouldn't run into any problems with organization, either.

So I hope you'll forgive me my absence. Please accept this super-large batch to make up for it which I feel, by no design of my own, speaks to the ending of summer and the beginning of colder, darker weather. I hope you've been well and I miss you all very much <3


P.S.: There's a drawing of a nude woman in this batch. I've put her in the very last row. You have been warned! :)

Edited to add numbers! It's been so long that I'd forgotten, sorry! x_x

Preview (60 icons):
tumblr_mbizo4NbaI1qhxnalo1_500 tumblr_mgq3a2wDUz1r5fgaso1_500
tumblr_mnnsft30ls1ro46rko1_500 tumblr_mmuocjQYkS1rtbxrwo1_500

[Though your hands may bleed and your body may lie broken, every storm must soon give away.]
01-04 tumblr_lq45c4FLTv1qgnjgmo1_500 tumblr_ml7blh4TKi1r3x2fyo1_500 tumblr_lu50q1adJg1r40ah4o1_500 tumblr_m4eync90YF1qk8g7uo1_500
05-08 tumblr_m8p4ebgzc81rzrfcoo1_500 tumblr_m8z2i0GuCm1rtnq0go1_500 tumblr_m9fsboIWV31ru04qno1_500 tumblr_mbizo4NbaI1qhxnalo1_500
09-12 tumblr_md1fb4fTgK1qm8fzgo1_500 tumblr_mdqwa9Z6MJ1r4qrzuo1_500 tumblr_me71iem14H1qjvnc4o1_500 tumblr_mf68gbKLIX1qfnok0o1_500
13-16 tumblr_mg9m8abL7g1rpe0jco1_500 tumblr_mgq3a2wDUz1r5fgaso1_500 tumblr_mhadvcMy6g1r97sn6o1_250 tumblr_mir2c1FIeP1rsb0l2o1_250
17-20 tumblr_mitedxcAf71qb5cdqo1_150 tumblr_mj4s5fTSgw1qbbhugo1_500 tumblr_mjgbpqslP41r9qs8vo1_250 tumblr_mjq56wAEry1rvsq71o1_500
21-24tumblr_mkrwowN0Ow1r73hzqo1_500 tumblr_mky25pVVC31qdjhpao1_500 tumblr_ml2ad1W0sS1s5u0xvo1_500 tumblr_ml4qsabvZD1rdbzvxo7_500
25-28 tumblr_ml47bnbqiD1rz2cq2o1_500 tumblr_mleb0cu1WB1r33qupo1_500 tumblr_mlghejFYRq1rpe0jco1_500 tumblr_mlh1r72J4O1rwe56eo1_400
29-32 tumblr_mmjcehXuqq1sq5odoo1_500 tumblr_mmm3y9EwIS1r2asbko1_1280 tumblr_mmoxjyI8ix1qjcdw9o1_500 tumblr_mmsuy8ONaD1qdwi4oo1_500
33-36 tumblr_mmuocjQYkS1rtbxrwo1_500 tumblr_mmwncoJHPI1r3y12bo1_500 tumblr_mmyl0kUabz1r1fy81o1_500 tumblr_mn2vah7m8k1ryzh1zo1_500
37-40 tumblr_mn3gg2uh3E1qjnc56o1_500 tumblr_mn3gg2uh3E1qjnc56o2_400 tumblr_mn3hi6pT3c1rn2fvxo1_500 tumblr_mn3hi6pT3c1rn2fvxo2_500
41-44 tumblr_mncc0z78kb1qlwxrbo1_500 tumblr_mnj23r2qlm1qmr4eao1_500 tumblr_mnnsft30ls1ro46rko1_500 tumblr_mnqwbmQDPq1qzlz6ko1_500
45-48 tumblr_mo7fjuIcqB1r9164to1_500 tumblr_mo73knQeJC1rogap7o1_500 tumblr_mo89quRqWt1rkukq7o1_500 tumblr_mph8wbDdXL1qjcdw9o1_50
49-52 tumblr_moowjgKwYs1ruqds8o1_500 tumblr_moyml0Qfzf1qa8ntso1_500 tumblr_moyo9tiADb1qf8mfdo1_500 tumblr_mpffarjKTD1r1tlavo1_500
53-56 tumblr_mpfw6xCrSm1rysnu6o1_500 tumblr_mpgwc85oKM1qzi9p6o3_500 tumblr_m7vtljUjEv1r3fymfo1_250 tumblr_mjp86d41OA1rnqolfo1_500
57-60 tumblr_lr1hzhTS7E1qbqp58o1_500 tumblr_mmtkjhphBV1qij426o1_500 tumblr_mnvuksqZyM1r5cuu2o1_500 tumblr_ml2ad1W0sS1s5u0xvo1_400
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