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Puka and Pudge Pudge Inc.

Puka & Pudge Pudge Inc.
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This community is a place where phchiu and bellajunior will post icons and banners we make.
About the community here!

If you've ended up here most likely it's because someone has credited us for our graphics. We (Pearl = phchiu / Rachel = bellajunior) work really hard to make these graphics. So please respect us and our work!
We have added temporary icons makers Alex = 989240 and M.D. = yue_akuma as well!

We create mainly stock icons and banners, with occasional text, animation, and fandom icon. We are always open to take requests as long as you ask nicely. None of our graphics are bases! If you want anything edited, we'll be more than happy to do it for you! We love comments and crediting, and we always reply! Hope you like what you see!
Note: You're crediting us for altering the image not because it's our actual picture.
Oh, and no hotlinking please!

Thanks so much for all your support! <3

Important Links:
Present and Past Makers | Resources | Affiliates' page

Layout credits:
Original CSS by minty_peach
CSS Edited by jandjsalmon

Go here beacause these girls rock!
cupcakes, pale boys, pudge pudges, things with big heads, wings